Post: tech talk

Increasingly we are looking for ways to use technology, either as a core enabler in a business or as a means of marketing and strengthening the business.

The role of technology as a core enabler for business is now commonplace in Europe and the US and also in many parts of Asia and Africa. DRC is seriously behind the curve. The good news is that we can learn from the trials and mistakes of others and import proven successful solutions.

Our new partnership with SOCODI is an example. SOCODI is a civil society group that with our financial support is setting up a micro hydro electric station. The technology is proven and the team has the skills to make it operational.

Altech are importing solar lamps that have been a success elsewhere in Africa and Liaison Congo is building a good reputation based on digital technologies that have long been established. Our intention is to focus on supporting businesses that use technology in this way.

Additionally we are developing the capacity to help our partners use technology to strengthen their businesses. The main focus for this work is the use of digital media. We want to go beyond the use of web sites and social media and help the businesses use digital technology as an integral component of their operations.

A good example is this sales video we produced for Altech that can be displayed on smart phones and used by the Altech sales team when out in the field.


We are also investigating the use of sales and accounting applications for use on smartphones as well as the adoption of mobile money. It’s not a straightforward exercise given the unstable networks and cost of data, but digital technology is the future and we are aiming to ensure it is put to good use.