The history of Congo, and the history of the Kivu region in particular, has been told in words, images and film by many people and many organisations.

Luminosity has no plan to add to this library. We have no agenda other than a wish to use our resources and capabilities to help people with their business on the ground, and to do so with awareness and integrity.

However, we would not be able to understand people’s needs and situations if we did not ask about the country’s history or actively take an interest in the context of their lives

Here are some references that we have found helpful in seeking to understand.



An excellent resource from Friends of Congo

Commentary by Human Rights Watch

More commentary by journalists

Informed blogging from Jason Stearns and others

Another excellent blog

Campaigning by the Enough Project


Campaigning by Falling Whistles

Interesting reports on armed groups from the Usalama project

There’s lots of stuff on Wikipedia including an exhaustive chronology of armed groups

A site that inspires!

And another!



Friends of Congo have produced several videos including this one on USA involvement

VICE have also produced videos including this visit to Kivu by a VICE reporter

There are also several insightful videos from Journeyman Pictures



Congo by David Van Reybrouck

Dancing in the Glory of Monsters by Jason Stearns

In the footsteps of Mr Kurz by Michela Wrong

Congo by Thomas Turner

King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild