Investor partners: are key to the long term solution for Kivu


Falling Whistles have been investing in entrepreneurs in the Kivu region since 2008. At the same time the organisation has been campaigning in the USA and around the world for Peace in Congo. 

The advocacy work produced some very tangible results. However, maintaining two fronts proved to be a tough ask and the changes in October 2014 brought a shift to increased support for entrepreneurs in Kivu.

Awareness building through social networking and media production has continued under the new leadership of Anders Olsson based in Stockholm. The greater emphasis on entrepreneurial support means that now the messages are rooted in the practical activities that Falling Whistles is funding in Kivu.

Day to day Falling Whistles are raising funds in Europe and the USA and working with Luminosity to identify and support the Congolese entrepreneurs who have ideas that will make a positive contribution to the community.

The first collaborative program in early 2013 led to the successful export of a container of coffee from the Island of Idjwi, and Falling Whistles has been working with Luminosity - together with the coffee co-operative on Idjwi - ever since.

The second collaborative program has led to the launch of a second Liaison Congo internet café. Falling Whistles provided the funding and Luminosity provided the practical support to Liaison Congo.

This collaborative approach is set to continue.