Liaison Congo: cafe-2 starts up


A year after opening Liaison Congo internet café-1, Innocent has opened café-2. It is another step to realising a dream he talks about here 

Funding for the café is a joint enterprise between Falling Whistles and Luminosity. It’s the second time we have collaborated to make something happen – the first being the export of a container of coffee from Idjwj – and further evidence of the possibilities opened up by partnership.

Café-2 is on Avenue Leopold, which is in the centre of Bukavu where many small businesses are located. It’s already noticeable that the café is especially busy between 10.00am and 4.00pm whereas café-1 in Nyawera is busiest after 4.00pm when students come in to study and use social networking sites.

Innocent is planning to offer training courses at café 2, more so than café-1. There is a good space for training and already he has bought some tables and chairs for up to fifteen people in a class. He’s careful and won’t be expanding too fast –  not until café-2 is bedded in and training is up and running.