Proxipharma: on the left, as you enter Essence


It’s clear that Emmanuel is a no-nonsense-just-get-on-with-it sort of bloke. He is a trained pharmacist and he talked to us in April about the success of his first pharmacy in the centre of Bukavu – called Proxipharma - and his ambition to open up a second pharmacy to serve the suburbs of Kudatu, Essence and Panzi. This is an area of very poor housing and home to hundreds of thousands of people where there are few pharmacies (none according to Emmanuel) run by fully qualified pharmacists. He wanted to set up in the area and needed finance.

The fact that Emmanuel had already succeeded with one pharmacy combined with the clarity and accuracy of his plans for the second, convinced us that we should back his ambitions and he set up his second pharmacy in June.

People come to him for advice and he has the knowledge to help, not perhaps in the softest manner but definitely with the voice of expertise and authority. The business is already working well and we expect Emmanuel to knock on our door in the near future with another plan to expand.